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What the tundra is like

The tundra normally has no trees. Their soil is permafrost which is a mix of gravel and rocks and soil, of course. The tundra has all kinds of animals ranging in herbivores to carnivores. They have polar bear, caribou, arctic hares, wolves, and arctic foxes. The temperature in the tundra is normally -30 degrees Fahrenheit. And the average precipitation a year is only 6-10 inches!



Food web of the tundra

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3 abiotic factors

Ways we hurt and harm the enviroment

People are moving in to work for mine industries and oil industries. And unfortunately we have oil spills there which does cause pollution.

A way we help the environment though is just trying to stop the thing that WE are doing to the environment itself. We are trying to stop the spills and stop hunting. http://tundrabiomeexplaination.weebly.com/human-influences.html

Interesting fact of the tundra

.The Tundra only makes up 20% of the earth itself.