Gull Looking For That Slithery One

Jenna Davis

My name is Breezy the Seagull, I'm a bird about town or I should say the beach. I feel at home at the beach and can be found just walking or flying on the beach each day. My favorite part of the day is eating and eating all day long, I have been known to eat almost anything that someone leaves behind or drops to the ground. Some people say I'm the garbage man of the beach, but I think of myself as a sanitation engineer with wings.

Looking for a fast, strong, good looking Lizard as my dream date, I like a reptile with dry scaly skin that enjoys the beach and can spend long hours just enjoying the hot sun.

If possible my perfect Lizard would be one that also can turn colors and blend in with the crowd, this is important as not to scare the other creatures that come to the beach each day with white skin and leave either very red or very tan brown, very strange but you can see why it is necessary to blend in. Please Respond ASAP…….