When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

By: Judith Kerr

Book Summary

What if you were a kid from a Jewish family, but you didn't fully understand what the difference was from you and a different "race," and had to move countries? Anna and max were in this situation and had to leave Germany the day of elections. There father was wealthy from all his writings and articles, but once they left Germany they became rather poor. They moved to and from countries several different times. They missed there house back home and the items "taken away" by Hitler.

Anna knew that if you had a famous person in your family, most likely there won't be more than one, unless you you peruse a difficult childhood. By the end of the book that changed, and Anna took everything into consideration and realized her life wasn't as easy and perfect as she thought it was. The whole family learned that if they stayed together everything would turn out okay, and that's what they did.

Facts That Had The Most Impact

  • The German kids that are Nazis are not allowed to play with the Jewish kids even outside of Germany.

  • If you were Jewish and tried to leave Germany to go to a different country when Hitler was the representative, you most likely would get your passport taken away and not leave.

  • Germans can come and be all over different countries looking for Jews. This means you could never completely be safe and away from the German Nazis even while in a different country.

Would You Like This Book?

This book is a good choice if you already know a lot about the holocaust and just want to see a Jewish family leave Germany before Hitler gets elected. Also it mostly just talks about the different countries they move to and mini challenges they face. This is a really good book otherwise, but I hardly learned anything about the holocaust.

Rating: 3

Genre: Fiction