The Most Dangerous Game

Flyer By:Christian Leonard


general Zaroff, rainsford,Ivan

exposition-Rainsford was on a ship and a storm began and the ship went threw the rocks and Rainsford fell off the ship.

rising action- Zaroff and Rainsford had something to eat and as they ate zaroff told Rainsford that they were going hunting and then he told him that he hunts people.

climax- Zaroff started hunting Rainsford and set traps and his trap killed Ivan and also killed one of Zaroff's dogs , One of the traps injured Zaroff.

falling Action- Rainsford faked his death and went back to Zaroff chateau and hide there and then they fought with swords and Rainsford won.

resolution- Rainfords got to sleep in a comfortable bed and Zaroff was feed to the dogs

point of view

the point of view is omniscient third-person

Literacy Term

Man Vs. Man - a problem with one or more of the character

"Your brain against mine, Your woodcraft against mine , your strength and stamina against mine"

Situational irony- when general Zaroff was getting close to the trap you knew that someone or some thing was going to be hurt or killed.

Foreshadowing- When Zaroff kept telling rainsford going hunting over and over.

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