Depressing Disorders of the Brain

Learn about The depressing disorders of the brain.


Many people don't know about brain disorders, but I've come to learn about these serious diseases. This could be a brain tumor, a mental condition, a degenerative disorder, or simply just a brain injury. You should always be alert of these, otherwise, there may be a more tragic ending due to no awareness. Adults and children can get brain tumors at any time, but most mental disorders like Autism and Down Syndrome are diagnosed at birth. Read on to learn all about brain disorders such as Autism, brain tumors, Down Syndrome, and all the symptoms/signs.

Chapter 1: Brain Tumors

Brain tumors are a mass of abnormal cells in the brain that can be cancerous, or not cancerous. Brain tumors cause the brain to be enclosed, so any growth inside such as a restricted space can cause problems. Symptoms usually appear as soon as the tumor interferes. Symptoms vary from just a headache or vomiting to seizures or extreme personality changes. Basically, wherever the tumor is in the brain, it will effect the development, functioning, and actions on whatever that part of the brain it is in charge of doing. For example, if the tumor is located in the Cerebellum, symptoms include vomiting, stiffness in the neck, uncoordinated walking & speech, and flickering involuntary movement in the eyes. When it comes to treatment, it usually depends on how bad the tumor is but mostly, neurosurgery or surgery is the solution.

Chapter 2: Mental Disorders- A. AUTISM


Autism is a mental disease that effects your entire life, due to there being no cure. Autism is one of the three related disorders collectively known as " Autism Spectrum Disorders"- (A.S.D.). Autism effects the brain's development. It influences how people with autism interact with the world. They have communal impairments and lack of intuition about others. The signs of autism are usually diagnosed as early as infancy. A child can also grow up more normally, and then go backwards. Whichever it is, the signs are most likely going to appear at the early two years of a child's life. As long as you are over two years old, you are probably Autism free! Unfortunately, the children with Autism will always be with autism for their entire life. Doctors are not sure what causes Autism, but they are working towards it just like everything else! You should always be aware of autism in other people, and don't be mean to them just because they're different. Focus on the positive and recognize they are not Dumb, they're Extraordinary. Also remember: April is Autism awareness month.

Chapter 2: Mental Disorders- B. DOWN SYNDROME


Down Syndrome is also a mental disorder that also affects your whole life, due to there being no cure, just like Autism. Down Syndrome usually includes, below average intelligence, a short neck, short arms, short legs, slanting eyes, a small mouth, low muscle tone, and loose joints. So basically, Down Syndrome is a combination of birth defects (usually improved a bit by childhood.) Down Syndrome is mostly a congenitial disorder arising from a chromosome defect, causing intellectual impairment and physical changes, caused by a difference involving chromosome 21. There is usually an extra copy of the chromosome- trisomy 21. Down Syndrome is usually diagnosed at birth, or even before that! When a mom is pregnant, she can have a screening test that may or may not be accurate if the baby developing is at risk for Down Syndrome. You should always be aware that Down Syndrome is out there and just like Autism . Again, focus on the positive and people with Down Syndrome are not Dumb, they're Extraordinary. Remember: Down Syndrome awareness month is October!

Chapter 3: Signs/Symptoms

If somebody has a Brain Disorder, here are some Early symptoms that you may witness:

i long lasting mood swings

ii lack of concentration

iii Excessive fears or worries

iv physical changes- weight, height, etc.

v extreme behavioral changes

vi trouble sleeping and persistant nightmares

vii extreme hyperactivity

viii noticeable prolonged sadness

ix hallucination

x loss of interest in friends/ loss of friendliness

xi loss of appetite

xii (in babes only,) a rapidly enlarging head

xiii EXTREME headaches and seizures

xiv difficulty balancing

xv poor coordination



You should really care about this topic because it is important to look out for symptoms and be alert. Some brain disorders don't really affect your survival risk, but some others like brain tumors can kill you. From now on, since you know, alert all of your friends and family about this and how sad it could be. Always look for fundraisers and Donations to brain disorders/diseases. I hope you learned a lot from this and now you now, so be ready for any circumstances because Brain disorders are everywhere. Be ready because there are over 20 different types of brain tumors and over 200,000 children are diagnosed with a Brain Disease every year. Since one of every four victims don't survive, be aware. Remember- be alert!

Glossary-Words you may not know

Degenerative-(De-jen-ur-a-tive)- something that degenerates over time

Abnormal-(Ab-nor-mal)-not normal or typical

Cancerous-(Can-sur-is)- related to or affected with cancer.

Cerebellum-(Ser-eh-bell-um)-a large portion of the brain, serving to coordinate voluntary movements, posture, and balance in humans, being in back of and below the cerebrum and consisting of two lateral lobes and a central lobe.

Seizure-(See-jurr)-a sudden attack, as of epilepsy or some other disease.

Uncoordinated-(un-coor-din-ate-ed) -badly organized.

Congenitial-(kun-n-jen-i-tl)- (especially of a disease or physical abnormality) present from birth

Chromosome- (kroh-muh-some)- an organized package of DNA found in the nucleus of the cell.

intellectual-(in-tell-eck-chu-ul)-appealing to or engaging to intellect.

hyperactivity-(Hi-pur-ack-tiv-it-y)-being overly active

hallucination-(hull-oos-in-ay-shin)-a sensory experience of something that does not exist outside the mind, caused by various physical and mental disorders, or by reaction to certain toxic substances, and usually manifesteded visual or auditory images.


Katie M

Fourth Grade Student