~MY Academy~ December Newsletter

Special Edition! December Service Project


Hello MYA Students and Families,

It is hard to believe that 2020 is coming to a close, marking the end of one of the hardest years in recent history for many people. I wish each and every one of you a safe and restful winter break. Please reach out to your Teacher of Record if you find yourself in need of any support. We have counselors and community agencies who can assist at your request. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2021 and we wish for a brighter, calmer, new year ahead!


Dawn Zwibel

Our Core Values

Diversity ~ Inclusivity ~ Academic Excellence ~ Hope ~ SERVICE ~ Feedback ~ Gratitude

Our Core Values drive everything we do at MY Academy. Each month, we will focus on one or two Core Values to highlight.


We Are Servant Leaders. We care about who you are and what you value. We are here for you. We commit to serving our students, families, and communities.

MY Academy Gives Back!

December Service Project

  • To celebrate our Core Value of Service, MY Academy students and teachers participated in service projects throughout the month of December.
  • We are so proud of their ingenuity and creativeness.
  • Check out all the different ways that MY Academy students and teachers gave back to their communities!


  • 11th-grade student, Areej volunteered with her teacher, Mrs. Cook-York at Interfaith Community Services in Escondido.
  • They served over 360 meals to families experiencing food insecurities.

Sharing the Holiday Spirit through Making Cards

  • 11th-grade student, Areej created beautifully decorated cards to send to a Nursing Home through a project called, Caring By Cards. She wrote a short message and let them know someone is sending love and a hug their way.
  • 5th-grade student, 7th-grade student, 8th-grade student, and 12th-grade student, Shae, Zane, Ava, and Amelie, made cards and wrote letters to residents of the Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center, a Nursing Home in San Diego. They shared holiday wishes and encouraged residents to write back to them.
  • Kindergartener, 2nd-grade student, and 7th-grade student, Deacon, Declyn, and Addison, made cards for kids in a Pediatric Nursing Facility. They included holiday-themed puzzles and coloring pages for kids to complete and sent warm holiday wishes.
  • 5th-grade student, 9th-grade student, and 11th-grade student, Kaylee, Jacob, and Israel made personalized Thank You cards for important people in their lives. They thanked family members and friends for all the reasons they are thankful.

A Sweet Serenade!

  • 10th grader, Rylan, wrote a song on her ukelele to serenade us and spread some holiday cheer!
Holiday Music

Puzzle Exchange

  • 12th grader, Tanner, organized a lightly-used puzzle donation and exchange with other students and elderly neighbors.

Creating Superhero Boxes

  • 7th-grade student, Shae, worked with the nonprofit organization called Together We Rise to create Superhero Boxes for foster children.
  • The boxes make children feel SUPER (Self- Assured, Uplifted, Proud, Empowered, Resilient) and provide hope and encouragement to kids as they navigate the foster system.
  • When they receive this box, children are encouraged to think of them playing as their own individual superhero, cape flying in the wind.
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