Caleb Crocker

By Isabelle Koster

Who wants to be a doctor? Who thinks he has the weirdest laugh. Well if you don't know, it's my friend Caleb Crocker.

In Caleb's early life he got very excited when he got monster trucks that showed his love for monster trucks. In preschool Caleb was very quiet which he thinks is funny because he thinks he is very annoying. When Caleb was little he did NOT like sports but he loves sports now, those are just a few of his early life facts.

Have you ever wondered what Caleb is famous for? Well he has qualified for a national triathlon. Caleb loves to scuba dive, and Caleb never discriminates people that shows how he is mostly always happy. Some fun facts about Caleb are he loves soccer, swimming, running etc. and he wants to be a doctor. Well it's true. He also loves Chelse F.C., he is always very funny and has a crazy weird laugh.

To sum up the story Caleb is a very funny and determined young man and that's my story on my friend Caleb Crocker.