Webster Weekly

Webster Primary Center ~ April 4, 2016

Courage doesn’t always roar...it's the quiet voice at day's end saying, I will try again tomorrow.~Radmacher

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Calendar of Events

Tuesday April 5

#wcedchat @ 8:00

Wednesday April 6

1st Science Experience w/Mr. Haeck

Thursday April 7

2nd Science Experience w/Mr. Haeck

Friday April 8

Grade Level Meetings - Common scoring - bring any recent student work (writing would be awesome) for us to discuss

Count Food Drive items and take them to the lounge for pick up

Monday April 11

Be here and ready to start at 8:00

2nd grade bring treats

In building ALL day until WCCTA meeting

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Odds & Ends

*Getting the flu messed up my beautiful summative meeting schedule :( Oh well! I will move today's to Monday the 18th. Hopefully I can be there tomorrow to get back on schedule.

*If a student got a 2+ or 3+ on 3rd quarter grades, you can go ahead and give them a plus on the mid-term, too, if that is appropriate. Don't give any NEW +'s though. We will wait for new ones until the end of the quarter.

*Class ranking/division sheets are due to me by Friday the 8th

*Orders/requisitions due Monday the 11th

*You can start working on Pink Sheet Profiles anytime

A Little Funny for You.....

Our Furry Friends.....not so much :(

Well, if you haven't seen a little mouse scurry past, you are one of the lucky ones. We seem to be having a REAL problem. Of course I love saying this the exact week when we are telling students to fill our classrooms up with food items for WC CARES. However, it's time to take some serious steps to make these rodents feel unwelcome. Remember....food for mice is of course regular food, but it can also be items from science kits (seeds, cereal, etc). If you have ANYTHING that is FOOD, please make sure you are putting it in a sealed plastic bin. I will ask Jesse to make sure the food drive items are picked up ASAP on Friday, and let's all make a goal to search every nook and cranny for possible mice food sources.