Night Terrors

by Shakowen brunelle

systems affected by Night Terrors

Limbic system.

networks in the brain near the edge of the cortex that match instinct and mood. It controls your emotions

brain state

your brain has a normal chemical balance

and then your brain gose haywire wile switching from sleep stages

Targets diagnoses

there is no age limit but it is mostly seen in teen and lower

you can tell if you have night terrors by taking a sleep examination

Signs and Symptoms

ocur 2 and a half hours after you’ve fallen asleep you'll have frequent repeating episodes of intense crying and intense fear and pain during sleep afterwards you fall asleep again as if nothing happened


under normal circumstances you don't need it to be treated

its sad but the best thing to do is to wait it out


During a night terror you might suddenly sit upright in bed and scream in distress or fear . your breathing and heart rate will increase , you might be covered in sweat, thrash around a bit , and act upset and scared. After a couple of minutes, or sometimes longer, you should start to calm down and return to sleep.


i believe my friend has night terrors. she hates sleep and says she experiences the exact symptoms of night terrors so with that i decided to look into it
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Night Terrors