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Breaking News >#<

Hey Guys, I'm so sorry been off for about 2 months, my wifi was broken o.O.
But Hoping next week I could start posting again :)
Thank You So Much :DD

Lounge Time Event August

Squueeeee!!! Another Line Lounge Event!! Who's Excited ? >#<

See These Photos For More Information <3

The Schedule are the same as July :D

Have Fun

Lounge Time Event July!!

Squueeeee!!! Another Line Lounge Event!! Who's Excited ? >#<

See These Photos For More Information <3

See The New Schedule in Week 2 July ^^


Sorry I didn't make the week 1 July schedule, I wasn't sure about the new schedule but now I am. See week 2 July to see the new schedule :) Thank You

Lounge Time Event!

Weeeeeeeeeee!! Yes That's me screaming in Happiness and I know You'll gonna Scream too when you see this :D ! Good News Everyone, Line Play Made another Line Play Lounge Event! How Great Is That?

Check Out These Photos For More Information <3

LIne Play Diary Events

Hello Line Play fans!

We would like to introduce a new event to you.

See The Pictures For More Information :D

Event #1 is for those who have not started a Diary yet :D. May 27 - June 2

Event #2 Is For Everyone! Yay! Read Below For More Information:D June 3 - June 9

Event #3 Is For Everyone too! Yay <3 Read Below For More Information ^^ June 10 - June 16

Line Play Lounge Event

This Event Will Be Held Every Saturday And The Gift Will Be Given On Monday. The Time Will Be Depend On Your Countries ( Take A look The Photo For More Information) Enjoy!


Gather Around Friends For This Big Event! It Will Be On For 1 Month During May So Don't Miss This Opportunity.

Although The Meeting Place For Users May Be Differ, This Lounge Time Event Will Take Place Simultaneously On A Global Scale.

Get Special Items!!! Yes, Simply By Going To The Lounge and Chatting About Your Interests With Other Friends. You Can Receive These Great Item.

Take Part In All The Lounge Events During May And You Can Get a Special Rare Items!

How Exciting! <3


I'm so sorry Guys I post The Things late, I've been busy because school have starts but i will try my best to post in every thursday starting next week. (I'll probably delete this post after a few days) Thank You :)