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Rick Hansen Club dedicated to action in evolving job markets

We are dedicated to raising awareness on the evolving job markets

The jobs that existed for our parents, will be much different than they will be for us, we need to make sure that our students and leaders for tomorrow are informed and ready. The WE 4 WORK club at Rick Hansen does just that, we meet every Thursday at room 312 after school to discuss how to spread information on this important topic.

What kind of changes can I be expecting?

There will be a numerous amount of changes to modern job markets. Factory workers and low-skilled jobs will significantly decrease in availability; jobs will require higher skill sets with more technology focused learning and training. Furthermore, a whole new type of spare hours market will open up for workers who are in need of work, but cannot commit. In addition, these changes will result in an expected skill mismatch between job demand and workers, great enough to shake the global economy. People need to be informed and prepared!!

Some Good Videos To Educate Yourself

What do we do?

We 4 Work specializes in raising awareness to students as to what they can expect to see in job markets in the very near future, more so, focused towards the new "spare hours" workforce. This refers to workers who are very quickly booked for temporary amounts of time in a way that is convenient for both the worker and the employer. In order to rise awareness we give out lectures, presentations to classes, and are regularly available for students to visit us and workout a post-highschool job plan.

WE 4 WORK Recruitment and Info Session

When 3:45 - 4:30 March 1st 2015

Where : Room 312