SPICE Period 4


The social class order of the renaissance was nobles, followed by merchants, who were followed by tradesman, and the last social class were the unskilled workers. The nobles had all of the power and owned all of the land. They had people who worked on their land and paid them something like rent to farm on their land. Taxes came about during the renaissance because cities grew and rulers found that taxing was an effective way to make money. Trade became a big thing and ideas became traded between merchants while they traded.


The Catholic Church's power was very diminished during the renaissance due to people's protest of their political ideology. The response by the Catholic Church was the persecution of non-believers of Christianity. During the renaissance the Catholic Church had crusades intended for spreading Christianity throughout the world. These crusades caused tension between the Catholic Church and Muslims because the crusades were involving Muslim holy land. Europe saw a gain in migrants and refugees due to wars from countries trying to expand their empires.
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Trade was a large portion of the renaissance time period. Merchants would trade their goods for goods that they normally couldn't get. While trading, these merchants would also share their ideas about things. This is how new technologies were invented and other ideas about math and sciences were spread throughout Europe and Asia. This time period created lots of technological advances and new ideas that have greatly benefitted the world today.


The renaissance was a time period where what people liked started to change. There were new painters Michelangelo and Leonardo who were called Renaissance men. The paintings of the renaissance developed perspective which became a must-have for artists. Humanism became a big part of the renaissance. Humanism or humanists searched for realism and human emotion in art.
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Trade became a large part of the economy in Europe. The population of Europe doubled during the renaissance period. The world was rough during the renaissance. The plague killed about 1/3 of Europe's population and then famine came when farmers couldn't grow enough crops due to over cultivating their land. The grain market was horrible because there was too much grain due to the plague killing lots of Europe. Agriculture still remained the top job for Europe's working people even though the economy for it was not kind.
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