Meyer Newsletter

Edition 1, Volume 3

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Classroom Happenings by Allison

Hi, my name is Allison, and I will tell you about our classroom. Something Mrs. Meyer hates is leaning in our chair, blurting, and getting up just to wonder around. Now you know the rules, lets tell you about the class.

We have a pet fish named Bob. Mrs. Meyer will draw a name and that person will get to take Bob home. Bob is blue, red, and a tiny bit of purple. He has a shark cave.

We have math masters - 19 people are Addition Aces. 13 people are Subtraction Superstars. 18 people are Multiplication Master. 9 people are Division Dynamos and if you are a DD(Division Dynamos)you are math master.

We have hand signals - 1 means drink, 2 means pencil, 3 means restroom, 4 means tissue, and 5 means question.

We have token goals. Our goal is 165 tokens. We have 135. if we make our goal, we get to make oobleok!!!!!!!!!! Our next goal is science experiments.

Thank you. Wait! Come to the chili supper and book fair. Oh and again thank you.

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All About Mrs. Rysavy by Kasey

I went to the library and met with Mrs. Rysavy. You may know her as the librarian, but she always wanted to to teach history. Here are some questions I asked her.

  1. What do you like most about your job? "All of the books and watching the kids get excited about the books," she says.

  2. Is it hard to memorize all the kid’s names? "Yes it has been because there are 800 names," she says.

  3. Have you ever misjudged a book by it’s cover? "Yes, The Giver. Now it is one of my favorite books," she says.

  4. Has a book ever inspired you to do something? "Yes, all the history inspired me to study and want to teach history," she says.

5. Has your job ever been hard to do? "At times, but I always enjoy it," she says.

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Do you like reading or math? by Kelsey

I like reading because you never know what you will find in books. Reading is good because if you read non-fiction books you will get smarter. I know that you can read because it could be a chapter book or a book for little kids. I am a fourth grader and my kindergarten reading buddy can read books. Do you like reading or math? I hope you vote in the poll.



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Social Studies Northeast Region Projects by Rylan

In Social Studies, we had to all pick a northeast region topic to teach to the class. Mrs. Meyer would draw sticks, and if we got our name called we could pick one of the topics that were still left. Whatever we picked we would research it for a few days. We had to teach the class about our topic and had a certain amount of time to get all of your stuff done. Projects students could do were a slideshow or a poster about the topic with facts and quizzes on it. When we were done with researching, sending our slideshow or making a poster, each of us stood in front of the class and taught the class.. When we were done talking about the topic, students raised their hands to tell us two things we needed to work on and two things we did well. When we were done we could take your poster home.
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Reading becomes Fun! By Savanna

In our classroom we have reading panthers. After lunch, we go with our reading partners. You and a partner pick a book. My reading partner and I chose the book the Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck. Sometimes Mrs. Meyer has to order some books on Scholastic. Many people want new books like Dork Diaries: Not So Perfect Pet Sitter or Dairy of a Wimpy Kid Old School. The next time you want to read something new, choose these cool books.
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The Australian Open by Reed

The Australian Open was just last Sunday and Saturday. The stands were packed. The two games were just amazing. Six-time champion Novak Djokovic goes on record about his Australian Open Final match against NO.2 seed Andy Murray. On January 31, 2016, the other game was just as cool with Serena Williams from the USA vs. Angeligue Kerber from Bremen Germany. Serena had a upset. She lost, but she was as good as anybody else! But it was okay Angeligue won 6-4, 3-6, 6-4.

I hope the next time you watch TV, you think about tennis or even give it a try. I even play. Here’s some tennis stars. Their seed placement is right before their name.

#1Novak Djokovic from Belgrade Serbia won 6-4 7-5 7-6

#1 Serena Williams from the USA.

#2 Andy Murray from Dunblane,Scotland

# 2 Angeligue Kerber from Bremen, Germany won 6-4 3-6 6-4

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