Pedro Sharpe 3/30/99

Lead the way. -82nd Airborne Division

About Me

My name is Pedro and I'm 15. I play soccer and I'm involved in JROTC. I like hanging out with friends family. Eventually I plan to go to the military and become apart of the Airborne Rangers Special Forces.
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What am I like?

Athletic- I run and do PT in ROTC and I play soccer. Outside of school I go to different runs with friends and family. The farthest I have ever ran is 10 miles.

Smart- I have A's and B's continuously throughout the year.

Friendly- I'm very outgoing.

Hobbies/School Activities

After school I play soccer. During school and on the weekends I participate on my Raider Team.
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My Timeline

Personal Timeline

March 30, 1999- I was born

August of 2004- First day of school

March of 2008- Got my first dog

July of 2012- Met my biological father

December of 2014- able to drive

Worldwide Timeline

December of 2007- US Recession

January of 2009- Barack Obama takes office

August of 2012- Gabrielle Swainson goes missing

February of 2013- Pope Benedict resigns

December of 2013- Ebola outbreak in West Africa

Parent's Timeline

Their Timeline

December of 1984- mom was born in Puerto Rico

October or 1997- mom moved to South Carolina

May of 2001- mom finished high school

June of 2012- performed first surgery

October of 2013- went on first cruise

Worldwide Timeline

November of 1989- Berlin wall is taken down

August of 1997- Princess Diana dies

September 11, 2001- World Trade Centers fall

January of 2001- George W Bush comes into office

March of 2013- Pope Francis takes office

My Future

In my future I hope to see myself very successful. After I graduate in 2017 I hope to go to the Citadel and graduate as an Aerospace Engineer getting ready for the military. Around 2020 I will be finishing college but at the same time I will be going through Airborne training and getting ready for the ARMY Rangers.
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