Brenda Tashia's Promoting

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Brenda Tashia's Promotions

Services include promoting your work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, TSU, and occasionally on my YouTube channel. Sharing your work on my blog, putting your work on the shelves of my local library, handing out swag(bookmarks, t-shirts, mugs, refrigerator magnets, planners, business cards, and ink pens that you have,) getting various bookstores to purchase your work. I will also give you the opportunity to be interviewed, get various groups to have book discussions on your current and least current books.


$15 for three days

$30 for two weeks

$55 for a single author for a month

$75 for more than 2 authors, from the same publishing company.

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Brenda Tashia is an young entrepreneur. She was once the Urban Literature blogger for Urban Image website. She is an promoter, and poet.