Book Review By: Markez Ferguson Jr

Have you ever wanted to know the life of a teenage gang-banger who is set for revenge after the death of his sister .... Well the book homeboys written by Alan Lawrence Sitomer published on 2007 is the book for you. this book has Drama, Suspense and lots of conflict external and internal. I feel as if his book is written for the young minds of teens who have also been through or are going through what the main character " Teddy "is going through even the readers who are clueless and are eager to know what its like growing up in a bad neighborhood.----

Teddy the main character is set out for revenge after his youngest sister is gunned down at at local convince store by some rival gangsters. After trying to avenge his sisters death he is caught and placed under arrested. Know he has to fight the law so he can once again walk the streets as a free man. I know how it is to be out seeking revenge for the death of a family member of even a fellow friend. I've been through some of what teddy has experienced I am fighting the law for a petty charge i aqiured during the summer. This a good book for anybody who wants to know the story of even wants to know how its like growing up in a rough neighborhood.

Alan Lawrence Sitomer speaks on HOMEBOYZ

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