Napoleon's Early Life

Kayla Van Lenning

Who is Napoleon?

From Birth to age 14

Napoleon Bonaparte was born on the 15th of August 1769. His parents names are Carlo Maria di Buonaparte and Maria Letizia Romolino. He was born at his home in Casa Bunoaparte in Ajaccio, Which is the capital of Corsica. He was the fourth kid and the third son to be born. He was named after his uncle. He had his education at the boys' school of Ajaccio. Just at age 10 he was allowed to go into the French Military schools for aristocrats. he went to the college of Autun in Burgundy of France with his older brother Joseph. Napoleon transfered to the college of Brienne which is another military school.He got made fun of because of his scocial standing and because he was so short they called him "Little Corpoal."

From 15 to 30

When Napoleon was 16 he was a second lieutenant in the French army. He often went back to Corsica. He did take some struggle between forces of supporting Pasquale Paoli, and people who are supporting the French. After Paoli won he made Napoleon and his family to go back to France. Then Napoleon turned his life to the army. Napoleon got a promotion by helping to beat the British at Toulon. When Napoleon was just 27 he got married to Josephine de Beauharnais. Then in a few days Napoleon left her in Paris and started his command of the Army of Italy. The French troops started to win battles against Italy and Republic of Austia.

Quotation- Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.

He is saying that death is really nothing, but if you come home defeated you have lost all respect and honor


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