Summaries of Act Two

By: Alex Adair

Scene 1

the party ends and Romeo ditches his friends to go seen Juliet. Mercutio and Benvolio go and try to find him. They make fun of Romeo of is love for Rosaline. They didn't follow him because they think he is bedding Rosiline.

Scene 2

Romeo was lurking in the bushes and creeping on Juliet, while she is confessing her love for Romeo. Romeo reveals himself and they exchange vows. They agreed to married in secret.

Scene 3

Romeo doesn't sleep that night because he is so excited to marry Juliet. The next morning he goes to see Friar Laurence. Friar Laurence doesn't think this is a good idea, because he thinks this strong of a passion for each other will burn out over a short period of time, but he agrees to marry them.

Scene 4

Juliet is waiting for the nurse to return with word from Romeo. The nurse did not return for three hours. The nurse claims she was tired and sore that is why she took so long. Juliet keeps asking her what Romeo said, but she keeps dancing around the question, and changing the subject. Then finally the nurse says what Romeo said, they are getting married.

Scene 5

Romeo and Friar Laurence wait inside the cell, for Juliet. Romeo is so excited he doesn't care what lies ahead for them. Then Juliet comes and they get married.