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The Venture Network is a weekly pitch slam in IE Business School. Every quarter IE Businses School organizes a vertical Venture Network focused on Social Entrepreneurship. The Venture Network is unique in that it is a very informal gathering where startups can pitch and meet investors over beers and focus on what’s important; building relationships. The Venture Network´s panel of startup experts for our Social Entrepreneurship Venture Network include:

Venture Network's jury this week includes:

  • Dounia Mouawad, Creas
  • Ana Alcaine, La Bolsa Social
  • Carlos Sixto, Cruz Roja



AdoptGrandParents is an intergenerational company program for the elderly with the objective that senior citizens are felt heard, accompanied and loved, while the young acquire values and experience. The size of Spain’s Market is of 329.000 elderly people, living in 5.000 caring homes. From our experience, we know that just 15% of the elderly live in caring homes could participate in the program so there are 32.000 elderly people. On the other hand, there are more than 154.000 youngsters in 2.300 schools.


The project was born in 2014, due to the inconformity of seeing how a village in Teruel called Oliete was in the way to disappear because of the devastating consequences of the rural exodus, which in turn had causing the abandon of 100.000 centenary olive trees. We decided to create an innovative model inside the rural area, our main objective was to generate sustainable rural economies, to achieve this proposal we decided to arouse and involve the society and companies into the transformation of one of the big challenges of the 21st century: the abandon of the rural areas.


Bridge for Billions is the online incubation software that helps early-stage entrepreneurs worldwide to structure, develop and refine their businesses. We are a US Benefit Corporation that operates as a SaaS business offering our online incubation services to independent entrepreneurs as well as incubators, accelerators and corporate intrapreneurship programs.

Verde Smart Nutrition SL

The company is created with the intention of promoting internationally the first sensor that is able to measure nitrate and potassium in the soil and become the company of international reference in nutrient probes. The biggest potential market is linked to provide an economical and effective solution for the control of nitrogen use in developed countries and reduce their pollution impact on groundwater due to intensive agriculture and livestock waste. In the USA and northern Europe there is a restrictive legislation to the use of nitrate with the paradox that can not be measured on the farms of the farmers the in-put that they want to control. At the same time, more than 49 billion € of fertilizers are applied annually in the world without any control and it is estimated that could be optimized its use by 10-20% using our sensor. The big impact of Smart agriculture in future years will help the promotion of our solution.

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IE Business School is one of the most celebrated business schools in the world ranked No.1 in Europe and 8th Worldwide by The Financial Times 2012. IE Business School is also ranked No. 9 Worldwide for Entrepreneurship by Bloomberg´s Business Week. The Venture Lab is IE Business School´s startup accelerator where students and alumni are given the oportunity to launch their own ventures with the support of our expert mentor network, a series of startup workshops, and incubation at Area 31 our startup incubator.


Thursday, March 9th, 7-9pm

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