4th Grade Newsletter


December 12, 2014

I Can Statements of the Week!


I CAN identify the structural elements of poetry.

I CAN determine the theme of a poem.

I CAN write a summary.

What we did this week... We looked for stanzas, line breaks, rhyme, rhythm, and repetition in the poem we read about pioneers and Native Americans. We also found the theme of the poems we read. Our themes were not always exactly the same, but we backed them up with details from the poems.


I CAN locate evidence to support my thesis about westward expansion.

I CAN use a variety of sources, including books, articles, websites, personal experience, and primary sources, for my research

What we did this week... We chose a topic from our westward expansion unit and developed an opinion thesis. Then we looked for evidence to support our thesis in books and websites. Finally, we used our research to write an opinion essay about a westward expansion topic.


I CAN use the make a list strategy to solve problems with common factors.

I CAN tell whether one number is a factor of another number.

I CAN explain how factors and multiples are related.

I CAN tell whether a number is prime or composite.

What we did this week... We used color tiles to determine the factors of a number. Then we compared the factors for 2 numbers to see if they had any that were the same. We also learned what prime and composite numbers are.


I CAN accurately spell words with (kw) sound.


I CAN identify what a simile and metaphor is.


I CAN use teamwork.

I CAN draw angled lines.

What we did this week... We played Battleship in P.E. and we drew a regular Coca Cola can and an crushed one.

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Important Information

Pioneer Day

As the culminating event for our Westward Expansion unit, 4th grade students are going to participate in a Pioneer Day on Thursday, December 18th. Students will be learning about what life was like during pioneer days. We will be doing pioneer lessons, games, crafts and cooking. Students are encouraged to dress like a pioneer and bring a pioneer lunch. This should be a very fun and exciting day for our students.

Operation Care

The fourth grade students have decided to dedicate their service project to raising money for homeless children in the Kansas City area. As a part of this, we will be partnering with Synergy House in Parkville. Each class is planning a fundraiser and the money raised will be used to buy care packages for children at Synergy. The fundraisers are listed below;

  • Miss Hartman's Class: Hot Cocoa Stand for donations on December 19th
  • Mrs. Francis' Class: Candy Cane and Smarties Sale on December 16th and 17th
  • Miss Dolezal's Class: Caroling for Donations on December 17th and 19th
  • Mrs. Wales' Class: Walk-A-Thon during 2nd Semester

Ask your child about these special events and thank you for your support!

Multiplication Movie Madness

Fourth graders have been working all semester to memorize their multiplication facts. With each group of facts that they have passed, students have earned: a ticket to the movie, popcorn, soda and candy. Thank you for all your help encouraging your child to memorize their facts.

Important Dates

December 17th- Westward Expansion Projects due

December 17th- CiCi's Pizza Night

December 18th- 4th Grade Pioneer Day

December 19th- Multiplication Movie Madness Celebration

December 19th- Leader In Me Assembly at 1:30

December 19th- Winter Parties at 3:00

December 19th- End of 2nd Quarter

December 20th- Winter Break Begins

January 6th- First day of school after break

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