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by the Digital Learning Team 12.15.2015

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Digital Learning Principal Spotlight of the Week - Jessica Sandoval

David E Smith principal Jessica Sandoval is leading her campus as they embrace and utilize the new digital resources provided by the Bond. Amazing teaching and learning are happening there at DES, and it is a positive and exciting place to work and learn.

David E. Smith Learns Mobile

After the staff received their Project Innovate training from the Digital Learning team, Jessica began creating authentic activities to help her staff become familiar with the iPad and see how it can be used to enhance learning. Teachers are now designing powerful student learning experiences that utilize the iPads.

DES Collaboration Communication with BISD Google

With the help of Digital Learning Specialist Jeff Samuelson, Mrs. Sandoval provided Google training for all staff members so they could begin sharing and collaborating together in the BISD Google domain. Jessica and Assistant Principal George Garcia immediately began modeling sharing and collaborative processes for the staff by creating some very targeted experiences. This created a positive and non-threatening environment whereby the staff could learn and practice BISD Google in relevant ways.

Jessica began creating and publishing her staff newsletter and other communications in Google Docs. Teachers access these with their Google login. All of the campus communications are housed in one place that can be accessed 24/7 by any device.

Mr. Garcia created a Google Classroom for the DES teachers. One section of the classroom houses student-created morning announcements videos. This allows teachers to play the announcements at their convenience. Another section of the DES Google Classroom houses campus professional learning information, discussions, videos, and resources. Mr. Garcia also gathers teachers’ feedback and responses to questions posed. Now, as a result of their authentic collaboration and learning through the use of Google Apps and Classroom, DES teachers are creating Google Classrooms to use with their students.

David E. Smith Elementary Twitter Learning

Jessica and George are also modeling the use of Twitter as a professional learning tool and a way to communicate and tell the story about the wonderful things happening in DES classrooms. Many teachers are now posting student learning and work and receiving lots of positive feedback. You can check out all of the great things going on at DES by searching their hashtag #deslearning.

Campus Spotlights - click on the spotlight title to read more

Hour of Code at RHS: Angi Magana, Richland HS, Librarian

Student Voice and Choice in Action: Robin Massey-Davis, North Ridge MS, Spanish

Create a "Read"box with QR Code: Lindsay Griffis, Birdville EL, 5th grade

Weather Predictions Using Vidra: Mark Ivie, West Birdville EL, 5th grade

GATE Students Utilize Padlet: Stefanie Woodard, Mullendore and ACFT, Gifted & Talented

GV TV Weather Report: Green Valley EL

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Re-Envisioning Your Classroom

Steelcase is offering the Active Learning Center grant for innovative educators who want to use their physical classroom space to advance learning in new ways.

In the 2016 grant period, each Active Learning Center grant covers the furniture, integrated technology, design, installation, and post-occupancy measurement tool for one of four classroom types designed for 24-32 students. The types available include individual Node seating, stadium-style tiered Verb tables, blended classroom furniture, and hands-on problem-solving furniture. Eligible academic institutions are ones that focus primarily on formal, instructor-led learning in a designated classroom in the United States and Canada, serving grades 6 – 12 or within a college or university. The grants are valued at $62,000 each, plus all of the innovation and inspiration born of active learning.

The enrollment period is open from now until February 12. All of the information and forms needed are available on this website. Up to 15 grants will be awarded. Good luck!

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Teaching and Learning Tips

Teacher Tech Tool of the Week: Scavify!

Scavify is a scavenger hunt app that allows teachers to create interactive digital scavenger hunts for students. These would be great for tutorial sessions and other work that involved student collaboration with lots of engagement.

Student Tech Tool of the Week: Photo Editor by Aviary (Meme Generator)

Photo Editor by Aviary is an app that kids can use to create memes for school and for social media use. The memes are a popular and fun way for students to share knowledge.

Just For Elementary - ReadWriteThink Interactives and Apps Student Interactives are wonderful free tools for students to create a variety of digital products using a computer or laptop.

Here are just a few of the many interactives you can choose from:

Click here to read about these and the ReadWriteThink apps that are available for your student iPads.

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Digital Learning Team

Kelli Montgomery @KelliM11, Director of Digital Learning

Cheryl McKnight @cherylmck, Coordinator of Digital Learning

Karen Teeters @karenteeters222, Online Learning Specialist

Jennifer Miller @steamlearnlab, Learning Resources Specialist

Elementary Team Members

Jennifer Canizares @jcanny72

Birdville~WT Francisco~Binion, Mullendore, Snow Heights, Porter, Spicer

Toni Dowdy @technologytoni

Smithfield, Cheney, Stowe, Watauga, Foster Village, North Ridge, Walker Creek

Jeff Samuelson @jeff_samuelson

David E Smith, Richland, West Birdville, Holiday Heights, Hardeman, ACFT, Green Valley

Secondary Team Members

Michael Hanson @Hansonits

Haltom HS, Haltom MS, Richland MS, North Ridge MS

Rashel Larson @rashellarson

Birdville HS, BCTAL, Smithfield MS, North Richland MS

Tosh McGaughy @ToshMcGaughy

Richland HS, Shannon HS, North Oaks MS, Watauga MS

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Warmest wishes to BISD from the Digital Learning Team!

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Previous Newsletters

If you have missed any of the past Digital Learning Newsletters, they are archived on the Digital Learning website.
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Project Innovate - Seats Still Available!

The Digital Learning Team continues to roll-out Project Innovate Staff iPads. The PDSA protocol has led us to make adjustments in how this training is delivered. Please note the following:

Begin by registering for a face-to-face training at which time you will receive an iPad. A week before your training you will receive an email with flipped online learning. This flipped learning must be completed prior to training and includes information you will need for training.

The following sessions have available seats:

Wednesday, February 10 - 4:00-5:30 PM

Tuesday, February 16 - 4:30-6:00 PM

Thursday, February 25 - 4:30-6:00 PM

Please check Eduphoria Workshop to signup for a session date and time that fits your schedule. Please be mindful of the varied start times, designed to accommodate staggered dismissal times across the district. Attendees must arrive before class begins and stay for the entire 1.5 hour session in order to receive an iPad.

The Digital Learning website offers more detail about the Project Innovate initiative.

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Final Week of the 15-Day Twitter Challenge!

Thank you to all who have participated in the Twitter challenge and welcome to all of the new Tweeters! Sharing with others is the greatest gift of all!

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