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NEWS for the week of September 22nd:

  • This Friday is a PLD. The students will be dismissed at 11:30. Please refer to Sue Nennig's email about what you are supposed to be doing during this time. If you are at our building for technology, I will be presenting information on STAR math and getting reports. I believe Jenn McMahon will be presenting information on Google. I also have to present the STAR information at Spring Road, so Jenn and I will work out the schedule here at RO.

  • When planning a field trip, please just email me with the details (who, what, when, where and cost) and will take care of the paperwork for you.

  • I will be taking kids again this week if teachers need time to get assessments done. Please let me know if you'd be interested in having me cover your class for you.

  • There was a pink EE planning sheet in your mailbox last week. This will help you and I plan for the year. The form is due October 1st. Please put it in my mailbox when you have it filled out.

  • Please hand in any yellow email forms to the office. You can put them in my mailbox.

  • Remember to send copies downtown when possible. It is much more cost effective to send them downtown. Thank you for your help with this! :)

  • If you are interested in being our school's wellness committee representative, please let me know.

  • Roosevelt's Holiday Concert is December 11th at 6:00. Please put this on your calendar!!

What's on Melissa's calendar?

Monday, September 22nd -

-Covering Michlig's class from 12:45-1:45

-Meeting with Steve Dreger at 2:45

Tuesday, September 23rd -

-parent meeting at 11:30

-School Improvement Meeting downtown at 1:30

Wednesday, September 24th -

-Covering Michlig's class from 2:10-3:00

Thursday, September 25th -

-Covering Michlig's class from 10:15-11:15

-LST at 1:30

-Roosevelt Pizza Pick up from 3:05-5:30

Friday, September 26th -

-Walk-a-thon 9:00

-PLD dismissal at 11:30

-Technology (STAR) presentation at Spring Road 12:45-1:15

-Technology (STAR) presentation at Roosevelt 1:30


This week: 4th grade - Mrs. Ruthven

Next week: 3rd grade - Ms. Gauvin

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Mrs. Melissa Chrisman


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