June 1, 2015


Building will be accessible 9-9 on May 30 & 31 and June 6 & 7.

NOTE: PLEASE REMOVE the fire drill scheduled for June 1st from your calendar!


June 1 - 2nd grade awards 8:30 a.m. cafeteria

June 2 - 4th grade awards 8:30 a.m. cafeteria

June 2 - 3rd grade awards 1:30 p.m. cafeteria

June 3 - 5th grade awards 8:30 a.m. cafeteria

5th grade walk the halls 10:30 a.m. begins in cafeteria

5th grade picnic 11:30 a.m. - Kidsville City Park

June 4 - Kindergarten Graduation 8:30 a.m. cafeteria

June 4 - Students last day - early dismiss 11:45

June 5 - Staff Celebration Breakfast - 8:30 a.m. - get ready for summer...

June 5 - Staff Work Day 8:30-4:00 p.m.

June 5 - End of year celebration luncheon 11:00 a.m. - watch for you invitation in the BES mail


Friends, please do your best to attend one or both of the sight based report card meetings on Monday

and Tuesday in my room from 3 to 4. You will get extra help uploading your SBreportcards into the correct SBRC Google folders. Please see the latest email from Dr. Newell entitled SBRC EOY Archiving Procedures. You might want to view the short video which is a link at the top of her link.

I'm smiling because I love all of YOU!! - LISA


Aug. 17 - Teachers return to BES

Aug. 18 - Convocation - 8:00 a.m. CHHS

Aug. 19 - 1:1 digital classroom training 8:00-4:00 p.m.

Save this FLEX information - you will need it this summer!!!

Here are the instructions for accessing the new Flex website. We've moved FLEX modules from iTunes U to Google sites for ease and consistency. There are several modules that do not have content yet, but those should be completed soon so teachers will be able to work on them over the summer if they wish. Newly hired teachers will receive this information from HR so they can begin this summer if they wish.

Remember policy states that FLEX requirements are to be met within 60 days of the contract start date. Staff will receive credit in Eduphoria upon completion of these modules, so principals and/or assistant principals can monitor their progress. As in the past, teachers who do not complete their FLEX requirements are subject to their pay being docked. There is not someone centrally monitoring this as was past practice. Campus administration is responsible for monitoring the completion of FLEX. My recommendation is to put the responsibility on the individual. Teachers can access and print their transcripts demonstrating completion of the FLEX requirements.

John Doughney, Ed.D.

Executive Director of Learning

Grapevine-Colleyville IS

Report card reminder...grades 2-5

Just a reminder - the report card window will be open until midnight on June 2nd (Tuesday).

Shelly will print report cards on June 3rd (Wednesday) for the cum files and students so therefore you will get two copies.

Please let Shelly know if you have any questions!


Sarah thinks that Rebecca is awesome. She took a lead role in our campus evacuation and kept all of our students who had medical and/or nutritional special needs safe and healthy during a stressful time. She is definitely the Nurse of the Year!

Check the link below for all of the GCISD sponsored staff development opportunities available to you this summer.


The end of the 2014-2015 school year is near. Some of us will be moving to an alternative schedule this summer, but many of us will be packing offices and classrooms and taking a break for the summer. As you prepare for your break or vacation, please take a few minutes to ready your area for this vital shutdown period. Below is a flier with tips and details about shutting down your areas for the break, which helps the district save on energy costs.

As a reminder, we have a new partnership with Cenergistic to help our district explore new avenues to reduce energy and save money. Our summer shutdown period is one such way. If you have any energy conservation questions, please direct them to Kent Hall (817.251.5605 /, our GCISD Energy Specialist.

Summer Shutdown!

Whether your summer will involve a world tour, a whirlwind of activity, or just hanging around, we hope you’ll have a great time of rest and relaxation.

You — our faculty and staff members — have done a great job and you deserve a break!

This shutdown period is an essential time for our energy conservation program, too — now’s the chance for you to do your part to help save money! As you prepare for Summer Break, take a few minutes to ready your area for this vital shutdown period. Remember, every dollar saved on energy is a dollar saved for education.Do your part to support and fully participate in the energy conservation program

Before the break:

• Turn off, unplug or set back energy-using items

• Clean out and unplug, small refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers and other small appliances that have a light or (non-vital) clock.

• Unplug lamps and animal habitats. Classroom pets need a home for the summer that isn’t school as temperatures will be hot.

• Take home aquariums.

• Our custodial and facilities staff will ensure that building temperatures are comfortable for your return in August.

• Now, go hang out with friends and enjoy your summer!