By: Logan Bellow


What we did was what is speed and i came up with speed =distance divided by time. The factors that the car has on speed is that its weight, aerodynamics and how much friction it has. An example of technology that makes cars safer is the headlights, because they are making them brighter and that helps see farther ahead, but it is also not safe because it might blind a passing car.


Some things that are important are the weight, friction and aerodynamics of the car. The best feature of the car is that it is aerodynamics of the car. It is not the lightest car but it also rides smoothly. Somethings that are negative affect the car is that it is heavy and will take longer to speed up. It think mine will go about 5 or 6 miles per hour.


What turned out well is that it went faster than I expected it to go. I enjoined the building the most and seeing my car come to life. I wouldn't do anything different i think that the project went really good. My least favorite part was the designing of the car because it was hard and frustrating because it is an adult program. How fast my car went in 20 ft it took 1.67. So you go 20 divided by 1.67. My car went 12 miles per hour