Gina Barrett


  • The capital city is Hong Kong & the population is 5.312 million as of- 5 Million.
  • Riau Archipelago, Island Central Plateau is the list of rivers, deserts, Mts., exc.

Life style

  • Some favorite sports are soccer, bat mitten, basketball, and golf.
  • Since Singapore is a little island, water sports are very popular.
  • after school is over and home work is done, kids go home and play video games, play on the computers or, tease their family members.
  • Almost every child goes to at least 6+ years of school.


  • Singapore may be a small country, but its economy is giant.
  • Most Singaporeans have great jobs.
  • Most people work at factories, making electronic products.
  • Singapore has to buy materials from other countries to be able to make anything.
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My choice

  • Singaporeans have to pay a big tax to own a car.
  • Walking around Singapore is like traveling different countries around the world..
  • Singapore schools started out in 1964
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