Board Meeting Highlights

Jefferson Union High School District

August 18, 2020

The Jefferson Union High School District is committed to excellent communication with our community. We understand that important information is shared during Board of Education meetings, yet not everyone is able to attend or view the entire meeting. Board Meeting Highlights provide our community with a quick overview of the latest Board of Education meeting. You can view all public meetings on our JUHSD YouTube Channel.

Introducing our 2020-2021 Student Trustees

  • Madeleine Hur, Oceana High School
  • Lucca Garcia, Jefferson High School
  • Charles Green, Jefferson High School
  • Irene Lee, Westmoor High School
  • Mustafa Abusafia, Westmoor High School
  • Joe Murphy, Terra Nova High School
  • Helene Kleinfeld, Terra Nova High School

Meet Your Trustees

Ed Services COVID Update

Dr. Laurie Robinson and Lisa Rubin joined Educational Services Associate Superintendent Kareen Baca to present an Ed Services COVID Update. It included:

  • First Week of School: Student & Staff Activities
  • Curriculum Delivery: Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts, and Career Technical Education
  • Students Learning English (aka ELD): Program Update

Please visit this link to view the full presentation.


Family Harvest Food Bank

Thank you to Pacific Islands Together, JUHSD Volunteers, and Second Harvest of Silicon Valley for feeding families in need twice weekly during the summer in response to COVID-19.

Jefferson Student Assistance Program (JSAP)

Our staff and community came together to raise funds and awareness for families are having a hard time meeting basic needs, such as obtaining food, medication, pet food/supplies, feminine products, and infant needs or paying utility bills. Over $45,000 was raised to support students and their families.

JUHSD Meal Distribution Staff and Volunteers

We participated in Seamless Summer which allowed us to feed any child age 18 and under. We provided breakfast and lunch five days a week. Food services staff usually have the summer off. Everyone from the food service program agreed to work for the summer, and we had volunteers. We are very grateful for their service.

Additional Information

The next public session Board Meeting will take place tonight, Tuesday, September 1. Public session begins at 7 pm on the JUHSD YouTube channel.

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