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Volume I Edition V

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A-5 Hall Council Drive-By Coffee Break !

TONIGHT ! TONIGHT ! TONIGHT ! The A-5 Hall Council knows you're SUPER busy and working hard ! You deserve a treat ! Stop by for 1 min to the A-5 Hall Council Drive-By General Assembly tonight for some Tim Horton's coffee and donuts ! No commitment, no formal meeting !! HOW COULD YOU MISS IT !?
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Al Khayr Student Leadership Awards !

The Al Khayr Student Leadership Awards unite NYUAD in order to recognize and celebrate students who have demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership.

Through a selection process planned and implemented by the division of Campus Life, student leaders are nominated by any member of the campus community. The winners are decided by a committee of faculty, students, and Campus Life staff members. The awards process culminates in the annual Leadership Awards Gala, a formal dinner held in celebration of individual students and student organizations.


The nominations period will open on March 5, 2015 and close on March 28. Nominations may be submitted at

Finalists will be announced in early April, and they will be invited to the annual gala, which takes place on April 23, 2015.

Good Luck On Midterms & Enjoy Your Break !

From all of us here in Residential Education !
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