UCAS Update

March 19, 2021

Administrative message

Dear UCAS Parents and Students:

A year ago this month, it was announced that we were entering a world-wide pandemic. Our UCAS family responded in amazing ways, as we were pushed into an almost immediate shut-down, and completed the school year fully online. At the beginning of this school year, you supported us again, as we introduced a hybrid schedule. Students have diligently worked with teachers in a part time face-to-face and part time online schedule. Now, a year later, governor Cox has announced the end of the mask mandate- except for schools. We will continue to follow cleaning and sanitation protocols, in addition to continuing to wear face masks through the end of the school year.

We have had multiple requests from parents to return to more face to face class instruction, and at this time, we are pleased to announce that starting April 5th, UCAS will move to a four day a week face-to-face learning schedule: Monday-Thursday, with Fridays as an on-line/consultation day with teachers. We wanted to give you plenty of advance notice, so that you can make the needed adjustments. Currently, our active covid 19 cases at the school have all but disappeared. ( only one student is out on quarantine as of today.)

Cohorts A and B will be dissolved, and all students will attend 4 days in each class. This change will increase the number of face-to-face instructional periods by 10, and will, we believe, help students finish the year with the best possible opportunity to improve their learning and grades, and transition back to a more traditional learning style. We have found that most students do not do as well in a mostly online environment. It is our intention to begin the school year in the fall with a full 5 -day, face-to-face schedule, or as close to that as possible, depending on the status of the slowing pandemic. Thank you, again, for your support and patience through this challenging time.

UCAS administration

Attention Orem students! Friday, March 26th will be a B cohort day.

Penny Wars is back!

Penny Wars continue through April 2. Jars are around school for donations! This is a contest between grades! Freshmen versus Sophomore; Juniors versus Seniors.

The jars can be filled with any form of currency (bills, change, etc). All pennies increase the score by 1 point and all other currencies decrease the score by their relative value. For example, 1 penny = +1; 1 nickel = -5.

The grade that finishes with the most points wins! All of the proceeds will go to that grade's chosen nonprofit organization. If you haven't voted for your grade's nonprofit choice, vote using this link: https://forms.gle/3Sp7dYDaNeV8oiDV8

The ACT is here!

Remember that the ACT is on March 23 for all Juniors. Please be sure your student arrives at school by 8:45 in order to start testing at 9 am SHARP. There will be no UCAS classes on the afternoon of the 23rd, but UVU classes will still be held.

For the full announcement about ACT Day, follow this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GF2YsFJhVjXcD0wGczGsiMDB5wz-sJ5d/edit#asdfanasv;l

Announcing Retirements at UCAS. Congratulations Mrs. Busath and Mrs Slaughter!

School Climate Survey Announcement

  • Climate Survey Announcement

    • The Utah State Board of Education requires us to distribute a climate survey to all adults and students associated with the school. Click here to take the survey. It should take no more than 10-15 min total, maybe less.. Please watch your email for both an invitation to participate and information about how your student will participate.

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Prom in April

Join us April 17th for an Enchanted Prom. Come dance in our beautiful cottage garden, enjoy delicious refreshments, and celebrate spring. Here are the details:

  • $40/couple, $20/stag
  • Semi-formal / Formal; school dress code applies
  • Digital Pictures will be taken and are included with your ticket
  • April 17th, 7:00 - 10:00 p.m.
  • Only UCAS students may attend and must have a negative Covid test less than 72 hours before; tests will be administered at school, times will be announced in April

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Graduation Announcement

    • For graduation 2021, we are planning on an in-person ceremony. Students will be allowed to have up to 2 guests per graduate. All guests will be required to wear masks. Students will NOT need to wear masks, however, they will need to have proof of a negative covid test within 24 hours of the ceremony. Testing will be available at the school. Graduation will be on May 21. The time has not been finalized. The location has also not been finalized, but it will be at either the UCAS Provo Campus or on UVU campus. A live stream of the event will be available, regardless of the physical location.