Beavers Ben

Rylee Fox

One day during the summer 4th grade year I went to Beavers Ben. I went with my family so we could spend time together. Once we got there it was midnight so it was time to go to bed. So we ate dinner then brushed our teeth and went to bed. I asked if I could to take a water to bed.

When we got home that night we had went to bed so that next morning we got up and looked around. We saw the trash was full so I took it out and i opened the trash outside and saw a raccoon in the trash giving birth. I went back inside and told my mom but she didn't believe me son I told her to go look herself. I heard a scream it was my mom she said Rylee was right there really is. Everyone ran outside and looked then called animal control.

After everyone left we went inside and looked at each room. I saw a room that was blue zebra so I said mom i want this room, but she said you have to share a room with Hanna. So i went to and asked her if she wanted this room. When she anwsered she said yes so I went to the room and unpacked. Once she got up stairs to the room o helped her unpack too.

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