Consumer Right's

By Tristan "Shaggy" Wyatt

What is a Consumer?

A Consumer is someone who is willing to pay money for a good or service. Someone willing to take ownership of something.

Eight Different Consumer Right's

Consumer Protection

Consumer protection ensures these rights to the consumer. These rights can be ignored but that is when the "consumer protection" come in. They have laws and organizations that make sure these rights get to the consumer. These are mostly for business that are into fraud and overthrow their competitors.
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SiriusXM fined $3.8 million in consumer fraud case

SiriusXM radio has agreed to pay back customers who complained they were deceived by the satellite radio company. iriusXM Radio Inc. will pay $3.8 million as part of a settlement agreement with attorneys general from across the country who accused the company of engaging in misleading advertising and billing practices for the past six years. 44 states were victimized to this fraud.