APSI 2016

Northwest ISD

APSI for Northwest ISD Teachers

The AP and Pre-AP Summer Institutes are subject-specific professional development opportunities. The goal is to provide educators with the support and training needed to teach AP courses and to utilize Pre-AP teaching strategies. NISD expects AP and PreAP teachers to take advantage of this opportunity for individual professional growth and collaboration among their colleagues. APSI are hosted by local universities in conjunction with the College Board.

Who should attend?

NISD will pay for the registration of a teacher who fits any of the following criteria:

  • If you are teaching a new or redesigned course in 2016-17, you'll attend APSI the summer prior to the school year AND the year after.
  • If you are new to the AP course you will be teaching, then you'll attend APSI this summer and the summer following your second year teaching that same AP course.
  • If it's been 3 years since the last time you attended an APSI, you should attend this summer.

Teachers who do not fit the criteria but are interested in attending an APSI should talk to their campus about the possibility.

PreAP teachers may attend NMSI, APSI, or SpringBoard, depending on the content taught. For specifics, refer to the links below or contact your content coordinator.

APSI by Content

To see when an APSI is offered for your content area, click here.

Redesigned and New AP Courses for 2016-17

AP Euro (2nd year of redesign)

AP World History (1st year of redesign)

AP Calculus (1st year of redesign)

Computer Science Principles (new course)

AP Seminar (new course)

How to Register for APSI

  1. Check with your principal or associate principal to confirm your teaching assignment for 2016-17 and that you meet one of the three criteria for attending.
  2. Download the registration form from the APSI you wish to attend.
  3. After completing the registration form, email it to Audra Rowell and Lori Benes. The Advanced Academics Department will register and pay for you.


  • If a teacher needs to cancel. It is his/her responsibility to cancel with the institute as soon as possible.

  • Teachers must send an email/fax to the institute AND copy the Advanced Academics Department.

  • If a teacher is a no-show, the campus must reimburse the Advanced Academics Department.

  • If a teacher is reassigned and attending APSI is no longer relevant, then the campus must communicate with APSI to send a replacement.

Your Curriculum & Advanced Academics Team

Darsi Bickley, Social Studies Coordinator

Brittnie Bragg, ELA Coordinator

Melanye Griffin, Math Coordinator

Audra Rowell, Advanced Academics Coordinator

Kyle Seipp, Director of College & Career Readiness

Terry Ward, Science Coordinator