Kevin Wood

My life Interest And Goals

My Life Interest and Goals

When i was growing up i had many life goals and interests. When i was growing up i thought being a professional NASCAR racer was the coolest thing ever. But when i started getting older i got interested in video games and thought it would be pretty cool to make and play games as a living but i found out at i'm not good developing things on the computer. I also wanted to become a cop when i was younger because i thought i was pretty cool thing to do such as chase people down and sacrifice myself to make New York a better place to live. i gave up on that dream when i realized i wasn't good enough to become a cop and needed to do very good in school. My new life interest and goal is working with my dad seal coating. My goal when working for my dad was taking over the family business and making it into something great. Even though That's not what i wanted to do growing up but is a part of my life now. I started working with my when i was 14 i'm gonna 19 soon and this will be my 5th year with my dad and i hope it doesn't stop anytime soon because i love what i'm doing now i wont give up on this life goal like i did with the other ones i had.