Open Plan Offices

Main Features

Open Plan Offices are great for people who want to be able to work with other people. open plan means that you are not confined into one place and you are able to work with other people this is great for police because it means they can work together in one room on one case. Also means that they can communicate with wach other without having to get out of a cellular block.


when you have an open plan office you are able to move around freely without having to be in a confined space and also you can communicate with people that are close you quickly wereas if you were in cellular block you would have to shout or run out of your block to talk to people. also in a cellular block it would get stuffy in the block. it is easier to supervise staff when they are all in one place.


An Open plan office has no privacy so if you were a lawyer then an open plan office would be no good because it could be a private talk about a certain person. people cant make personal calls without anyone noticeing. lots of people in one place so it could get loud. which can cause loss of concenteration.


In a police station they are used so that however many people are working on the case can all speak together so that they are ablr to communicate. In schools if a teacher is trying to teach so many people they might take them to an open plan classroom so that they can talk to all of them at once. when someone dials the emergancy services it goes through to someone on the phone then they are able to tell people to get the message to the hospital or the police station.