Online Learning Plan: Weeks 10-12

Middle School

WHPS Online Learning Plan

Dear Middle School Students and Families:

With just three weeks of school remaining in the 2019-2020 year, administrators and teachers are focused on finishing strong. The entire WHPS team is thankful to students and family members for their partnership in this very unexpected journey. With little notice and no prior experience in distance learning, everyone put forth great effort to ensure we took care of our students. As we look ahead, WHPS will remain committed to continuous improvement so that all students are well supported emotionally and academically no matter the learning environment.

Objectives for Weeks 10-12

  • to keep all students engaged in learning through the final days of school

  • to individualize work for students who struggle to demonstrate their learning

  • to deliver helpful supports and resources with flexibility and compassion

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

My child is struggling to keep up, what should I do?

  1. Speak with your child to gather information about the classes in which the child is struggling.
  2. Check PowerSchool to get an update on student work completion.
  3. Contact the child's teacher and school counselor.
  4. Work with school staff to identify a plan to submit missing or incomplete work or to get extra help.

Teachers are flexible, compassionate, and understanding; they will work with your child to find a way to move forward.

Are my child's grades in PowerSchool up to date?

Teachers are updating PowerSchool regularly. Caregivers should check PowerSchool and speak with their child about missing work, the support they need, and plans to submit that work.

Will the school do any celebrations to honor the students before the end of the year?

Yes, each middle school team is creating their own special "virtual celebrations". Students and caregivers should be on the lookout for these announcements.

We borrowed an electronic device from the school to engage in online learning; when do we return it?

If your child will return as a student to WHPS next year, you do not need to return the device before the end of the school year. If your child is leaving the WHPS district, please contact your child's school or email your principal to arrange a drop off.

My child has textbooks and/or library books; how and when should we return them?

Each school will handle the return of these items in their own way. Parents and students should be on the lookout for directions from your school principal.

Will 8th Graders in high school courses take exams this year?

No, exams will not be held at the high schools this year.

What is the date for the last day of school?

Teachers will hold Classroom Meetings in Google Meets through June 16. On June 17 and June 18, teachers will work closely with those students who are struggling to complete work. On these final two days, teachers will meet with students individually or in small group.

Are teachers grading assignments? What type of grade will students earn for the final marking period (MP4)?

Teachers are grading weekly assignments and entering grades in PowerSchool using their same established grading practices. Grades are recorded as points earned out of total points and/or using traditional letter grades

For final MP4 grades, middle schools will use a three-tiered grading system which will include a Pass with Distinction (P+), Pass (P) and a Fail (F). Teachers will look through all of the student work and assign one of the three grades. Teachers will consult this rubric for MP4.

What are other ways teachers use to engage students?

Teachers continue to find new tools and ways to engage students' hearts and minds during this time. The use of journaling, group projects, collaboration through Google Docs and new technology tools are increasing each day. Here are some tools teachers are learning to use.

  • EdPuzzle - an assessment-centered tool that allows teachers and students to create interactive online videos by embedding open-ended or multiple-choice questions, audio notes, audio tracks, or comments on a video.

  • Newsela - an instructional tool that lets teachers find interesting new articles with appropriate reading levels for students. The Newsela articles includes questions that encourage students to read closely and writing prompts that align with common core standards.

How is WHPS supporting students with IEPs and 504 plans?

WHPS is providing multiple supports to students who have IEP and 504 plans. These include:

  • Untimed assignments with flexible due dates. Students with IEPs will work with their special educator and teacher to determine appropriate flexibilities.
  • All assignments posted in Google Classroom will include accommodations for students with IEPs and 504 plans. In addition, digital tools to support access to instructional materials are posted above.
  • Content Support classes, those classes that provide students with additional targeted instruction, hold Classroom Meetings as all other classes do. Students can check in with their special educator for support in meeting their goals.
  • Special Educators will use afternoons and Wednesdays for small group work and individual check-ins.
  • Special Educators will have access to their co-teacher's Google Classroom to review assignments and be prepared to support students.
  • Special Educators and 504 case managers have created individual learning plans to meet each student's individual goals.
  • School Counselors will check in with their students with 504 plans during the afternoon or on Wednesday to determine their needs. Students whose 504 plan includes direct related services (e.g. speech and language, counselor or clinician check-ins, etc.) will have an individualized learning plan sent home that outlines how and when services are provided.
  • Special Educators of students in Intensive Academic classes will email families directly with plans for continued learning.

QUEST Program

For information on the QUEST Program, click here or email your teacher directly.