Digital Citizenship: Media Use

Edison Elementary School Counselor- January Newsletter

What Is Digital Citizenship?

Mindful Media Use

With online learning, we as a learning community are engaged online more than ever before! While we are comfortable and familiar with using online technology for teaching, learning, and communication, we have to be mindful to have a balance of our on-sceen and off-screen usage. Now more than ever, we have to rethink how much we use technology, and make sure we schedule for off-screen activities and computer breaks.
Media Balance Is Important

5 Media Balance Tips from

1. Create screen-free times and zones: limit screen time at the dinner table and in the bedroom

2. Try parental controls: set content limits as appropriate for your family

3. Establish clear family rules: a family media plan can get everyone on the same page

4. Watch & play together: choose age-appropriate media to enjoy with your kids

5. Help kids identify healthy behaviors: practice talking about feelings during both on-screen and off-screen activities

Benefits from Unplugging

  • Imaginative play helps foster creativity
  • Playing outside helps get fresh air and find appreciation in nature
  • Movement and exercise benefits both physical and mental health
  • Helps build family connections through talk and being present with one another

Article on Helping Kids Unplug

Try a Device-Free Dinner (or breakfast or lunch!)

Arts & Crafts ideas for Home

Books on Digital Citizenship

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