Improve the water quality

What Can You Do?

Our Water

Lakes, rivers, and streams are being polluted by dangerous chemicals. These chemicals include chromium-6 and chemicals from the water firefighters use.

How does this affect us humans?

This takes a negative toll on humans because water is one main resource for all living things and if a region's water source is contaminated then it won't provide humans with any nutrients and instead cause diseases which could kill plenty of people. Millions of people are killed every year by water-borne diseases.

How To Help

Humans can help their water quality by fundraising money to be able to provide regions with durable machines to perform reverse osmosis and distillation on the water so it can become purified, without any harmful bacteria to then be safe enough to use for day-to-day activities. Also it can be used by a homeowner individually to not be a victim of contaminated tap water
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Be The One To Make A Difference And Save Our Water