Ernest Hemingway


20 Facts about Ernest Hemingway

  • Hemingway was born in 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois.
  • His first job, at the age of 17, was writing for a newspaper
  • During WWI, he joined a volunteer ambulance unit and was wounded
  • After WWI, he became a reporter for American and Canadian newspapers
  • His first important work was called The Sun Also Rises
  • He wrote Farewell to Arms based on his experiences in WWI
  • Hemingway used his experiences as a reporter to write For Whom the Bell Tolls
  • One of his best known works is The Old Man and the Sea
  • He was a sportsman
  • He was known for his short and to-the-point writing style
Mini BIO - Ernest Hemingway
  • When he was young, his mother dressed him in girl's clothing, cut his hair in a feminine style, and called Ernestine
  • Hemingway’s memoir A Movable Feast, about his life in Paris in the 1920's, was not published until 1964
  • His son, Patrick, worked as a big-game hunter and ran a safari business in Tanzania
  • He was a big-game hunter and a skilled deep sea fisherman
  • Hemingway was awarded a Bronze Star for his bravery under-fire in World War II when he was a war correspondent
  • The FBI had an open file on Hemingway
  • He committed suicide in 1961
  • His brother, sister, and father also committed suicide
  • Hemingway was married four times
  • He wrote one play called The Fifth Column
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