School Teachers

Cole, Gabby, Kieran

What do school teachers do?

Kids read the bible. If a child misbehaved they would be caned, switched or got locked in a closet. If a child answered a question wrong they would stand in the corner and wear a pointy hat that said DUNCE. Teachers taught many lessons by reciting rhymes. The children repeated D/dog E/eagles and more until they remembered it and knew which letter went with it. They repeated what she said until they memorized it.

Why are school teachers important?

School teachers are important because they help students learn to read. They read the bible. They also helped students do well in arithmetic, which is math. The teachers helped them get a good job when they are older.

Important tools

An important tool was the Hornbook it had the alphabet on it. It also has vowels and the sounds they needed to know and a story. The teachers taught the bible to the kids. The teachers did not have many tools like they do today. They did not have globes, blackboards, or bulletin boards.

Interesting facts

  • Kids went to teacher's house for school.
  • Kids only went to school if the parents didn't needed them to do chores at home.
  • Teachers were not well trained.
  • Teachers were sometimes the same age as the students.
  • Many were poorly paid and relied on student's parents.
  • Boys went to school in the winter and girls went to summer.