Important information from the PBIS and Social committee

Archie's Cardinal Club

Keep the enthusiasm going!!! We need to make sure we always have cardinal compliments handy and are handing them out on a daily basis to those deserving students. Please make a point to look those 2nd - 5th students that are working hard to be the respectful, responsible, and safe student. If you have a student who is going above and beyond or having a particularly good day, drop a hint into another staff member's ear to get them a cardinal compliment and praise. I have a couple parent volunteers helping with Archie this year so let's get every class into the nest.

In the Club - Congrats to Mrs. Simpson's class, Mrs. Stafford's class, Mrs. Coger's class, Mrs. Cordier's class, and Mrs. Overbay's class. They have just joined the club and their pictures are now in the nest.

PBIS - Minor Incident Reports and Office Referrals

As part of our PBIS program, we use two important forms to document student behavior - Minor Incident Report Form and the Office Referral Form. You need to be familiar with both of them.

Minor Incident Report Form is to be used to document repeated classroom managed behaviors. If a student earn the same letter several times in one day, you can use this form to document the behavior. You would fill the form out and discuss the behavior issue with the student. The student will sign the form. If it is the 2nd or 3rd MIR filled out for the student, you will call the parent and discuss the behavior with them as well. After 3 MIRs are completed for the same behavior in a grading period, you can fill out an office referral form to have an administrator speak with the student.

Office Referral Form
is to be used to document major behavior incidents. You will fill this out when an incident happens. Then, send the student and the completed form to the office. You may send the form with another responsible student if you choose.

The MIR and Office Referral forms are located in the 1st grade, B1, and B2 workrooms. Please take a look at both forms and what behaviors are listed on each. Also, take a few of each of the forms to have on hand in your classroom.

Woohoo Wednesdays!!!

With all this winter weather, we will have are doubling the Woohoo Wednesday. Thanks to 5th grade team and Teacher Assistants for hosting Woohoo Wednesday this week and 2nd grade for next week's Woohoo Wednesday.

April 22nd - Instructional Support Staff, EC team, Admin, and Student Services

Remember to pay your social dues!!!