New England Colonies

Massachusetts Plymouth Rock

  • It was founded in 1630's by Puritans for religious groups
  • Established religion: Puritan
  • Population: 4,822 (1780)
  • Made money by fishing and ship building
  • Wampanoag, The Mohegan and the Mohican Tribes lived in Mass.
  • The conflict in Mass. was the Salem Witch Trail
  • Corporate was their religious group

Rhode Island

  • Founded in 1636's by Roger Williams and his supporters for religious freedom and seperation of church from state after a disagreement with Mass. Bay
  • They had no established religion
  • Population : 52,946 (1780's)
  • Narragansett, Nantic Eastern and Nipmuc tribes
  • The King William's War cause conflict with whites and Natives
  • Made their money by Mixed farming
  • The government structure was Corporate , town meetings
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New Hampshire

  • Founded in 1630's by John Mason for farming
  • Made money by subsicitants and agriculture
  • Established religious group: Puritan
  • Population: 541 (1780)
  • Alenaki and Pennacoom tribe
  • Their government structure was Corporate them Royal
  • Ten sleeping Indians were scalped by whites in New Hampshire
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  • Founded by Thomas Hooker in 1635
  • Made money by mixed farming
  • Religious group: Puritan
  • The government structure was Corporate
  • Population: 5,885 (1780)
  • Mahican, Minisink and Mihegan tribes
  • The Pequot War cause conflict between whites and the natives
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