Biggest Concentration Camp

The Begining

Auschwitz was one of the biggest camps that once was a fortress. Extended period as aa killing center that claimed thatg four times that number died in Auschwitz. There was 3 main camps Auschwitz 1, Auschwitz 2, Auschwitz 3.

Auschwitz 1

Auschwitz 1 was established near oswiecim and was the first built. Auschwitz 1 served for 3 purposes : incarcerate real and perceived enemies of Nazi's, have extra supplies available, and to physically eliminate groups. Black walls is when the SS guards excuted prisoners.

Auschwitz 2

Auschwitz 2 had the largest total prisoner population. Jewish families were deported from the Theresienstadt ghetto there were also deportations from Hungary.

Auschwitz 3

Auschwitz 3 could also be called Buna or Monowitz this camp was for so-called labor education camp for non-jewish prisoners. prisoners selected for forced labor were registered and tattooed with idenification numbers.

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