Church School Lenten Edition

Spring 2022

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March 6th - Lesson about Forgiveness Sunday with Lenten fasting review/introduction. Remind Children to bring Icons for next week's Sunday of Orthodoxy procession.

March 13th - Sunday of Orthodoxy, have children come back from communion, grab their Icons and discuss the procession. We will bring the children back to church quickly after discussion.

March 13th - Lenten Potluck and Recipe Exchange Event for Coffee Hour. This is for you parents! We're hoping to compile a PTVM Lenten Cookbook to help our families with kid friendly fasting meals to kick off this fasting season.


April 10 - St. Mary of Egypt lesson / we will be making Pascha cards to include in the Easter Dinner Bags/ mail out to Shut-ins.

April 10th - (Western Palm Sunday) Have students organize Easter Dinners for 30 families. **Including cards made the previous week.

April 16th - Lazarus Saturday. Introduction to confession, special service, and pancake breakfast (Can also share other Lenten breakfast recipes at this event).

April 17th - (Western Palm Sunday) Have students organize the Easter Dinners for 30 families. Make sure to include cards made in the previous week.

April 23rd- Watch Closely for Special Services/ Times


Lenten Resources For The Family

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With so many new materials available its worth a look or a chat with Tiffany O'Day about ideas to help your family learn during this fasting season.

Resources We Enjoy

There are so many fantastic Orthodox businesses you can support while preparing resources for your family. Here are a list of our favorites:

Orthodox Pebbles

Draw Near Designs

St. Tabatha's Workshop

The Keeping Company

Hittin' The Lanes

Last Sunday our PTVM Church School friends and families hit the lanes for some fellowship and fun. Let us know if you have an idea for our next event!

Don't Get Overwhelmed!

REMINDER: Lent is a time to help each of us get closer to God, not a contest about who does more. No Pharisees allowed here!

Do the best you can, talk to Father about a plan that works best for your family, and don't compare yourself to others.

Remember, this time is between you and Christ, use it to grow and break up with all the distractions life throws at you.