Adolescent Boys Group

To Promote Healthy Development Through the Teen Years

About the Group

This series of group meetings was created to provide adolescent boys with a safe and supportive forum for sharing their thoughts and feelings. Groups will follow a structure but will be flexible enough to give participants an opportunity to focus on that which is important to them. We will talk about relationships, gender roles, sex, respect for ourselves and others, communication and much more.

Cypress Tree Therapy on Tuesdays 5-6pm

Six Sessions for $175 plus one initial individual session for $100

About Dr. Lasser

Jon Lasser is a psychologist and professor in the School Psychology program at Texas State University. He earned his masters in Human Sexuality Education form the University of Pennsylvania and his PhD in Educational Psychology from UT Austin. He previously worked as a school psychologist in K-12 schools. He's an experienced teacher and a father of two adult daughters.