Liberator Digest 9.4.15

The bi-monthly newsletter for employees of Bolivar Schools.

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BMS students build bridges

BMS seventh graders Megan and Trevor did a fabulous job in the bridge building contest last week in Mr. Caleb Bahner's classroom. They more than doubled the competition's weight with a total of 81 lbs.
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Homecoming 2015 game, parade is Sept. 11

Mark your calendars, break out your Blue, White and Gold and show off your Liberator Pride! Homecoming 2015 events are next week!

Bonfire Thur. Sept. 10th 8 pm

Pep assembly Fri. Sept. 11 1:15

Parade Fri. Sept. 11 2:40

Coronation Fri. Sept. 11 6:30 @ SBU

Kickoff Fri. Sept. 11 7 pm

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Reading is Fun at BPS

A mystery reader visited Bolivar Primary School last week. What a great example of the fun and love of reading the BPS faculty and staff incorporate into learning each and every day!
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BIS shares every day lessons with students

Ms. Verna Walker shared a great lesson this week about not being able to take back hurtful words or actions. She asked her students to take turns squeezing out the toothpaste and then asked them to put it all back in the tube. I think that pretty much sums it up! What a great lesson, Ms. Walker!!

This post was originally shared on the BIS Facebook page. Be sure to like the BIS Facebook page for daily snapshots of the great learning taking place at BIS!

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Auto Tech classes begin at new site

Tyler Cotham and a group of BHS students walked through their new classroom at the Bolivar Schools Automotive Center, 327 E. Jackson, earlier this week. According to Cotham, the overall goal of Automotive Technology is to provide students with skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives. The skills the students will obtain will allow them the opportunity to enter the Automotive or mechanical field after high school, continue their training in the Post-Secondary level or simply work on their own vehicles. This course is designed with a heavy emphasis on employability and life skills.

In order to ensure students experience aspects of a real world environment they need to be exposed to live work. The primary purpose of shop training is to enable the students to learn proper repair procedures. This cannot be achieved unless repairs are actually performed, Cotham said.

If you are interested in sending your vehicle to the Automotive Technology Program for maintenance and light repairs please contact Tyler Cotham, via e-mail at Please include in your email: your name; phone number; vehicle make, year and model; a brief description of the maintenance requests or complaint you would like us to perform or investigate; and an estimated time at which you must have the vehicle returned.


On the Bolivar website, there is a very helpful link for employees, substitutes, and potential employees. Under the District tab, click on HUMAN RESOURCES. There you can find almost any document you may need to begin your employment or throughout your current employment. Information such as W-4’s, direct deposit, benefits information, employee calendars, Timeclock information, FMLA, salary schedules, and more can be found on that page.

Questions about benefits? You can always log into Employee Navigator throughout the year to check your current enrollments, coverages, deductibles, co-pays, forms, etc. Just go to to log in! If you forgot your login credentials, there is a link to be able to obtain your username and password.

Bolivar Class of 2015 score record average on ACT

Bolivar High School graduates scored higher than statewide and national averages on the ACT exam in 2015, according to the ACT data released today.

The BHS Class of 2015 recorded an average composite score of 23.4 with 103 students tested. The district’s average is above the Missouri average of 21.7 and the national average of 21.0.

"We are thrilled to see the Class of 2015 gain more recognition for its academic achievements,” Bolivar High School Principal Dr. David Geurin said. “The ACT is an important measure of academics and for a class to have an average score above 23 is remarkable. It's a reflection of the commitment to learning on the part of our students, teachers, and community."

BHS graduates also scored above state averages in all four measured subject areas.

English: BHS 23.1, State 21.4

Math: BHS 22.9, State 21.0

Reading: BHS 24.1, State 22.2

Science: BHS 22.8, State 21.7

"These ACT scores are the highest on record for Bolivar as far as we know.” Geurin said. “Over the past decade, the previous high was a 22.8 composite average. Although we have been consistently above state averages in prior years, the current scores show our students are far above average and well-prepared for future success."

Out of the nearly 190 students in the BHS Class of 2015, 74 percent indicated they would attend either a 2-year or 4-year college. The graduating class earned more than $2.3 million in scholarships - a record amount, according to Dr. Geurin.

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Facility calendar links

The changes to the website and google this summer created the opportunity to move the facility calendars off of the district's public-view website.

This is the document containing all the links to the facility calendars.

It is saved in Faculty Forms and available for any staff member to see. If there is a particular calendar you use on a regular basis and that you would like to add to your list of google calendars, please email Katie Duncan,, the name of the calendar and she will share it with you.

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Discount tickets available for Chiefs games

The Kansas City Chiefs have an individual ticket offer for single game tickets that is available to all educators, faculty and staff as well as their friends and family for the 2015 Chiefs season.

Ticket prices for the following games below will start at $30-$39/ticket.

· Nov. 29th VS Bills

· Dec. 13th VS Chargers

· Dec. 27th VS Browns

· Jan. 3rd VS Raiders

To purchase use promo code: MOTEACH15 --- Or call Trey directly at 816.920.4830 to discuss options.

Please copy and paste the link below: (just clicking the link may not work)

If you have any questions or would like to purchase, please contact Trey at 816-920-4830 or via at

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