Paper Towns

By.John Green

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About the book

Paper towns is a mysterious type of love story between two kids who have known each other since they were little. As they grew up Quentin started to like Margo but Margo had a boyfriend. poor Quentin had been shy his whole life basically and he hadn't talked to girls unless they were in his band class. Margo and Quentin had grew apart but one night it all changed. Margo came through his window and needed help form his because her boyfriend had been cheating with her friend. So they went to the store and bought stuff to embarrass her boyfriend because she caught his cheating. Margo ran away and had left clues for him to find her. She ran to somewhere called paper towns. He came and found her but she didn't come with him because she wanted to better her life away from her parents.


Author-John Green

Publisher-Dutton penguin

ISBN number-978-0-525-47818-8

Genre- mystery/drama/romance

Awards- 3 teen choice awards, and one for rising star.


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