By: Devon Stahler

What is so special about a spacesuit?

  • the suit is fire proof
  • it also keeps the pressure normal
  • it keeps you cool because it can reach over 250 fahrenheit
  • gives oxygen out in space
  • when on moon walks it gives you water

What do you wear in the space station?

  • you would wear normal clothes like shorts and T-shirts
  • pants have to have a lot of pockets for tools if you float away

What do you do with all the clothes?

  • the space shuttle has a change of clothes for every day in space
  • the shuttle has an unpiloted to hold all the dirty clothes
  • a little spot in the shuttle for dirty clothes

Soft Suits

  • Soft suits typically are made mostly of fabrics
  • All soft suits have some hard parts, some even have hard joint bearings

Hard Suits

  • Hard-shell suits are usually made of metal or composite materials
  • do not use fabric for joints
  • The Nasa Ames AX5 suit had a flexibility rating of 95%
  • At $10,000 at launch costs

Fun Facts

  • the space suit used to be called "extravehicular" which means outside vehicle
  • Nasa's first space walk took place during the gemini program
  • first Nasa spacesuit was developed from the Mercury program
  • Nasa didn't believe that it would work to put them on the moon
  • they still put them on the moon
  • some suits weigh about 100lbs
Space Suits