Gruening News Return to School!

March 2, 2021

In this edition:

  • RETURN TO IN-PERSON SCHOOL **March 15 for 7th Grade, March 16 for all students**

RETURN TO IN-PERSON: Drop off/Pickup Info and Policies

Gruening Middle School Re-Entry

What will the school day look like?


  • Notify if your student will be traveling out-of-state
  • Students must bring a negative COVID PCR test to school OR quarantine 14 days


  • March 15 in-person start for 7th Grade (8th graders work on Canvas March 15)
  • March 16 all students in-person
  • In-Person: 8:45 am - 2:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; Canvas Wednesday
  • GMS remote: work on Canvas Monday-Friday, mandatory Zoom class Wednesdays

Arrival and Leaving
  • No Gruening students enter through front Chugiak entrance
  • Students arriving by bus enter through cafeteria entrance find bus stop here
  • Parents driving students drop-off and pick-up on-time by relos (doors open 8:30)
  • Late student drop-off or early pick-up must call 742-3600 at cafeteria entrance


  • Students will bring ASD Chromebook or personal laptop to classes
  • Contact to request ASD Chromebook if needed
  • No lockers, students may bring backpack, food, and water bottle
  • No supplies necessary unless requested by teacher

COVID Protocol

  • Mask is worn at all times in school except when eating or drinking
  • *Update* Breakfast and lunch free for all students
  • Students walk one way in hallways six feet apart

In-Person Schedule

Quarter 4 student schedules are available on ParentConnection here

Please click here to enter your email if you need your PIN and Password

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Wednesday Zoom Schedule

Mandatory for GMS Remote and quarantined students (optional for In-Person students)
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Updated Care Plans and Immunization Records/Exemptions


  • We need updated Care Plans and Immunization Records/Exemptions
  • Including: Anaphylaxis Care Plans, Allergy Care Plans, Immunization Religious Exemption
  • Click here for ASD Health Forms (upper right hand side of the page)



NOW is the time to get that paperwork to to hold your spot!


  • It is First come, First serve... so get your spot ASAP
  • There are NO fees for intramural sports
  • Activities bussing will be provided

3 things you need to participate:

  1. Sports Physical Form- Click to open PDF
  2. Activity Participation Form- Click here to access (one participation form per activity)
  3. COVID -19 Form- Click here to access

March 22nd- April 16th

  • Co-Ed Basketball
  • XC- Skiing/Running
  • Art Activities
  • After-School Tutoring

April 19th - May 14th

  • Co-Ed Volleyball
  • Track and Field
  • Mountain Biking (Student supplies own bike)
  • Art Activities
  • After-School Tutoring


Important Updated COVID Travel Guidance and FAQ

Did you know you can come back as soon as you have a negative (PCR) COVID test?


Fitzgerald Photography will be taking school portraits March 25th and 26th.

Parents will be sent a link to order photos after photos are taken.

See the flyer below for more information.

Gruening Middle School

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