Black Power

Casey Hollar

Background info

  • The term of "Black power" was first used by an African American named Paul Rodeson, from as early as 1957 to describe the political potential of blacks
  • Applied to civil rights organizations, black power means that leadership, planning, and the implementation of policy should logically be in the hands of blacks
  • This allowed modifications of organizations' long-commitment to nonviolence that were in favor of a new policy of self-defense if one is attacked
  • increasing concentrations of blacks threaten the old political arrangement

About Organizations

  • "Snick" was a civil rights organization in the United States during the 1960's, originally consisted of black and white college students
  • SNCC organized peaceful protests and demonstrations to speed desegregation in the south


  • After slow progress being made through nonviolent protests, Stokely Carmichael called for a campaign to achieve Black power and to fight the "white power" that had oppressed blacks
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored people helped direct the fight for equal rights and opportunities for blacks
  • This also caused opposing aggressive aspects of the Black Power doctrine
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