The Age of Social Media

The impact of Social Media on our lives.


Media refers to the various means of communication, whether it be newspapers, television, radio or computers and encompasses two different types of media; social and press. Press media is the section of mass media that focuses on presenting current and relevant news to the public. Social media is the made of online communication channels dedicated to interactions and collaborations. To say that one can only find news on press media and gossip on social media is false, I mean do you know how fast word traveled in the social media networks when Barack Obama became president? I do. Incredibly fast. Now, one who utilizes mass media in order to inform, entertain, collaborate or advertise is said to be media literate. In today’s society one has to be media literate in order to be a thriving member of society. Kids today are playing Angry Birds and Temple Run on technology that was just a dream as little as ten years ago. Teenagers are connected to each other constantly and share pictures and ideas through the use of Instagram and Twitter, while adults watch the news and check on their long distance friends on the computer through the use of Facebook. The person that can utilize this media ultimately has access to the world in the palm of their hand. Media has both a positive and negative impact on society, for we are constantly bombarded with advertisements and news, yet it has made the world a global community and we can only imagine what will happen in the next ten years.

Make Love Not War

In the Super Bowl XLVIII commercial “Axe Peace” (2014), Axe, a national company known for its masculine hygiene products, counsels us to “make love, not war” and in the process strive towards world peace. Axe illustrates these ideas by juxtaposing the perceptions we have in our head about a subject (Vietnam War, WWII) and giving it another viewpoint. Using stereotypes that we already have in place (Middle East and bombs, China and war parades), Axe contrasts our feelings toward the subject in order to make us recognize the stereotypes that we have placed within our own mind and provides an alternate conclusion in place of the one we were certain was going to happen. Axe directed this commercial to men by illustrating how it’s easy to jump to conclusions in a heartwarming and inspirational tone; however by using examples of love Axe makes their commercial inspiring to both genders.

March MADness

Valentino Bogliacino

Mon March 24,2014

SUWANEE – Some students at Peachtree Ridge high school are outraged about the proceedings of the NCAA basketball tournament.

As we all know March is a time for spring, flowers and of course college basketball. This year though is different from every other year, simply for the fact that if someone guesses a perfect bracket they get a billion dollars from Warren Buffett.

I mean, no one in the whole history of bracketology has ever gotten a perfect bracket, but enticing people with a billion dollars should change that right? Wrong!

“Man! I missed out on becoming a [bleep] billionaire because Dayton upset Ohio in the first round” says Jamal, a local Peachtree Ridge Student “Oh well; I guess I’ll just make money becoming a rapper.”

We asked some teachers what they thought. “Well, I teach a senior history class, so they aren’t very motivated to begin with, so I just put one of the games on and call it a current event” says Mr. Brunswick “on the plus side, there has been less school shootings nationwide.”

Captivated by his fact, we did some extra research and we found out that yes, he is right.

With so much sadness in the air it was refreshing to see a sophomore girl very cheery. Obviously we had to inquire about her bracket to which she told us, “I am very happy with my bracket, it’s perfect!”

I can speak for everyone around us when she said that, that we were all surprised, if not a little bit angry. When we asked her what was her secret to picking her bracket she replied, “Well I don’t know much about baseball, so I just picket the winners based on who had the best costumes and cutest mascots, plus my five year old sister helped me out.”

My Thoughts

1984 has forever changed the way I view the world. This is for the better. 1984, although a bit dramatized, in my opinion, is a good representation of what our world can be like if we let the government become too strong. Now, I'm not saying get rid of the government. The government is very useful because if provides services like a military to keep us safe and regulates banks. All I'm saying is make sure the government is doing what it originally was created to do, which is to protect the rights of people, not take them away. In my opinion, this book ended pretty well. It wasnt a classic novel, where the good guy wins in the end, but a novel that made us think about the implications of what could happen. The biggest theme I took from this book is hope. Even in the most bleak of situations there is hope. We can apply this to Syria, Egypt and other countries trying to overthrow their government in order to create a better life as long as we keep fighting for the right reasons the people shall overcome. No one has said it better than V, "the people shouldn't be afraid of their government, the government should be afraid of their people."

My Experience

Media Literacy is a class like no other I have ever taken. In my opinion, Media Literacy more of an ethics class that deals with the advancement of social media and the best way to utilize it than a regular English course that teaches one how to analyze a boring text or write a generic paper. Media Literacy has opened my mind of what is happening around the world more than any other class in my whole high school career because it focused on something that was relevant and a big part of any high school student’s life, social media.

As a teenager I am constantly on social media sites, whether it is finding the best filter for one of my Instagram pictures or writing a witty comment that is 140 characters or less on Twitter, I am constantly connected to friends, family and even random strangers. Social Media sites are the way I get ninety percent of my news, information and sometimes the latest gossip. In short, it is my and many other teenager’s connection to the world. Media Literacy took that and helped me develop a way to use this technology to better myself and use it less for what it was intended for and more for what it could be used as; a tool for the future and a voice for the mute.

Unlike other classes I will be able to use the material I have learned for years to come because it is something that is relevant and pretty new. I can take this new found knowledge and apply it to my college career and then my professional career in order to improve myself and the community around me. In this class, I have gained knowledge that I can pass on, not only to others, but to future generations because what we learned will be relevant for years to come.