Fractions as Division


Task Cards- Located in the pink basket in the front of the room.

Work with a partner. Put both names on your paper. Make sure you follow all the directions on the task card. Put your answer sheet at the bottom of the pile in the pink basket.

Worksheet- 5NF3

You may work with your small group to complete this worksheet. Please make sure you read the entire problem and answer all of the questions. Not only do the directions ask you to solve but it asks which 2 whole numbers your answer lies between.


5NF3- There are a total of 20 questions. Please make your way through with your small group. You may have discussions and work together. Use boards, markers and erasers to complete each problem.

Moby Max


Catie Rose Lilly Davis

Conner Nykayla Evan

Danica Rachel

Work through as many lessons as you can in this center.

Fraction Games- Try your way through these and then play the one you like best until the timer is up!